john kettle

climbing coach and guide

john kettle

climbing coach and guide

sea cliff trad climbing coaching

Climbing Technique M.O.T

2 hours 1:1 £65, 1:2 £80


An intense 2 hours reviewing and refining all your current skills, giving you a clear agenda to focus your sessions, break through any plateaus and make rapid high quality gains in performance.

Technical Master

6 hours 1:1 £190, 1:2 £240

Book as one day, two half-days, or several short sessions a few weeks apart


Comprehensive. Every area of your climbing will be reviewed, and you'll be armed with the drills, tactics and exercises to totally revamp your approach and realise your potential.

By-the-hour performance coaching

1:1 £40, 1:2 £50

Outdoor Performance Coaching (trad, sport, bouldering, per day) 1 or 2 £200, 3-6 £300


My coaching days at the crag cover all disciplines, from novice to expert including introduction to leading, advanced trad, bouldering and sport redpointing.

Skype Coaching Consultation

1 hour: £30


Available individually or as a bolt-on to practical coaching, in person, by phone or Skype

Physical Assessment with Climbing Training Plan

3 hours 1:1 £140


I'll measure your strength and fitness for climbing and compare it to established grade benchmarks to give a clear starting point for your training. All training programs are bespoke, focused upon your skill level, goals and training resources. Full email follow-up support included.

Technical + Physical Assessment with Climbing Training Plan

6 hours 1:1 £240


The full assessment of your technique, strength, fitness and tactics, with a unique training plan combining personalised workouts, skills drills and exercises designed to get you towards your goals as effectively as possible. Full email follow-up support included.

Remote Technique Assessment



Online video based assessment and advisory feedback on your climbing movement and tactical skills. Includes a full written assessment, detailed video feedback and action plan for progression, based upon the exercises in my Climbing Technique book (required). Optional Skype consultation and customised movement training plan available.

Indoor Coaching

Outdoor Coaching

Flexi-dates: Reserve two consecutive days and just use the one with the best weather forecast. £50 reservation fee for the day not used.

Remote Coaching